2 + Thinker’s Tank

“A thinker thought that a tinker was just a tot.
A thinker thought that a tot was just a dot.
Those were the thinker’s thought.”

That's Me! • Full-time job as Web/Graphic Designer and “Presentation Proposal Creator”
• Previously a Programmer (ASP, PHP), in terms of web design, moderate. In process of catching up with other languages and Flash
• Previously also work as a Sound Engineer, checking the audio equipments, doing recordings, network support for Macs and PCs
• Freelance Designer (portfolio includes: poster/flyer, publications, logo, CD cover), Illustrator (mostly in Black and White, monotone), Craftman, Mangaka
• Also do photo editing and touch-up
• Check me out personally at my Friendster Account
• For better review of my artworks, here is my portfolios and my CV for downloads in pdf format, Tendouji’s CV