1 + Tag Titles

  • 01 + Tea & Toast (rss)
    Some gibberish that I would like to trash! Something like warm-ups before I begin my other writings. Or even for you to read before my other more serious articles. I might jot some shit here too if I don’t have anything important to discuss for the day.
  • 02 + This… (rss)
    “This” indicate something nearby or basically in front of you. So this section talks about local stuff.
  • 03 + There… (rss)
    “There” indicate something far. As oppose to “This…”, this section talks about global stuff.
  • 04 + Talent’s Text (rss)
    Introduction to some artists, designers, illustrators.
  • 05 + Tackling Things (rss)
    Some info on designing tips and tricks. I’ll try to do the best I can here and provide any related links as well.
  • 06 + Techies Territory (rss)
    A place to let each other share what new hardware, software or technologies has evolved. Strictly no game involved, please.
  • 07 + Titbit Theory (rss)
    My other short and sweet – possible single-liner – statement. But it will be something to think about. Let say a section to trigger the mind and for ideas to flow?
  • 08 + Traveller’s Track (rss)
    My own updates on, well, my life. Mainly on the places I have been. Hopefully…